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Process for franchise agreement and franchise fee approvals under new legislation 

The AUC has outlined processes for approving municipal franchise agreements and franchise fees affected by the Alberta government’s Utilities Affordability Statutes Amendment Act, 2024 (formerly referred to as Bill 19). The AUC has set out filing deadlines to ensure municipalities and utilities have sufficient time to prepare the relevant franchise agreements, and so the AUC has sufficient time to adequately review and approve subsequent applications.

Amendments came into force via proclamation on June 20, 2024. As a result, any franchise agreement impacted by the amendments will terminate on March 17, 2025, unless approved by the AUC before this date.

The AUC determined that some franchise agreements previously approved by the AUC may be considered through a new, expedited process. To facilitate the approval process, the AUC has created a Franchise application checklist for reapprovals form. Utilities can submit the agreements together in one or more applications by no later than January 10, 2025.

Further information can be found in Bulletin 2024-12 released July 10, 2024.

Amendments to Rule 029 

The AUC will also be amending Rule 029 in the coming months. These amendments will be released for comment through the AUC Engage website. The amendments are intended to align the rule with the Act, modernize and add flexibility to the notice publishing requirements and clarify language. The AUC intends for the revised rule to apply to the process through which the AUC will approve the franchise agreements required by the Act. 

  • Bulletin 2024-12

    The AUC released a bulletin outlining the process for franchise agreement and franchise fee approvals under new legislation