Seeking input about proposed rule changes and other initiatives

Participants in this forum provide Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) staff with suggestions about recommended changes to improve and modernize rules that are considered by the Commission and other organizational initiatives.

Anyone interested in participating in the review of rate or facility project applications should register to participate through the eFiling System.

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Active consultations

November 29, 2023

Rule 016: Review of Commission Decisions

The Alberta Utilities Commission is proposing amendments to Rule 016 as part of its ongoing review of its case management procedures, and its objective of improving the transparency, clarity and simplicity of its rules. The...
November 29, 2023

Rule 012: Noise Control

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC or the Commission) has been consulting on certain provisions of Rule 012: Noise Control with the aim of streamlining and improving regulatory and adjudicative processes. A technical meeting has been scheduled...
November 29, 2023

Rule 022: Rules on Costs in Utility Rate Proceedings

The Alberta Utilities Commission is reviewing the rules governing cost recovery in rates proceedings to improve participation and encourage efficient issue-focused proceedings, as set out in the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. At this time, the Commission will...

Closed consultations

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