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ENMAX has requested to post the following discussion:

Populating the UCI for commercial customers as specified has resulted in:  

Agents (e.g. Account Payables (AP) service companies, Property Managers) (the financially responsible company) being contacted directly for energize, de-energize and/or site outage notice purposes, even though the site contact information is there for the field crews to use. 

In such cases, it is the Agent name which appears in the UCI as the customer (Customer Company Name) vs the site owner company. This has led to issues, or accuracy questioning from distributors.   

UCI’s being rejected for missing optional contact information for functional group contacts (e.g. Dispatch) vs the traditional person contacts with first and last names (i.e. failed because missing either first or last name).   How does the industry want the UCI populated in such cases for commercial customers?  

Please submit your comments by Tuesday, April 13, 2021.